Latex Mattress

Woman sleeping on latex mattress

Talalay latex mattresses from conform to each unique contour of your body for unsurpassed, orthopedic support and relief from pressure. Latex mattresses are even proven to provide 31% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam.

Talalay Latex organic mattresses are made of pure rubber from the rubber tree. This makes our latex mattresses the most ecologically sound sleep system in the world. Every component comes from a biodegradable and renewable resource:

*Latex foam rubber from the rubber tree
latex for our mattresses come right from the rubber tree*Organic Wool from sheepwool is the best mattress fiber in the world

*Organic Cotton from the cotton plant woven into a fine damaskall our latex mattresses have 100% cotton covers

Talalay latex is only made in 2 plants in the world. Radium Foam in The Netherlands and Latex International in the United States (Conneticut). Talalay latex is made with a very unique process.

1) The liquid rubber is whipped into a foam .
2) The foam is poured into a mold with rods going through.
3) The mold is closed an a vacuum applied
4) The latex is frozen
5) The latex is heated up very evenly
6) The latex is washed (5 times at Latex International)

Talalay latex is the most supple, comfortable and long lasting latex made. Latex International makes a blended latex with natural latex and synthetic latex. Radium Foam makes an ultra premium 100% Natural Talalay Latex.

Organic Latex Mattress

There are very few places that sell 100% Natural Talalay Latex. Because of it is 100% rubber from the rubber tree, with no added petrolium by-products, it is a little more expensive than the blended Talalay latex. FloBeds Organic Mattressis one of the few manufacturers using 100% Natural Talalay Latex.


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